The USCSO was formed with the basic notion that Court Security Officers needed union representation by a group who was familiar with the problems CSO’s faced on a daily basis. After many problems with their current representation a small group of court officers decided to found law enforcement union solely dedicated to Court Security Officers and no one else.

The USCSO was formed in October 1998 with an overwhelming majority voting for unionization. This was born out of a need for collective bargaining rights, which include pay raises, seniority rights, and a grievance procedures. This has led to a more fair and equitable work environment for the entire membership. We began as a local of a security union. and quickly found that they had no answers to any questions we may have had. Then we were on our own for a couple of years, receiving a great education on negotiations and the service contract act. We again tried to solidify in another security union and again they became unresponsive to our needs and quite frankly because of their guard union structure cannot properly represent CSOs, all the while demanding more service from us than they were giving.

Present day, we have grown into a strong law enforcement organization knowing that the only way to win is for all Court Security Officers to stand together in one union and speak as one loud voice. We are not anti company nor anti other unions, we are pro “Court Security Officer,” and with that seek to make a decent wage while securing our jobs under the service contract act.

USCSO Recruitment


We are always on the lookout for new court security officers to join our ranks. Our strength is in numbers, and our strength benefits our members. Join the USCSO and become part of the team! Please select the links below to learn more.